Communication and Marketing 4.0 as a value-added contribution to your company’ success

Together with you, we define measurable, and above all, tangible goals for media, marketing and digital business, aligned with your overall corporate objectives.

Based on your priorities, we develop a strategy and a plan to effectively and efficiently achieve these goals.

Your Benefits

Take advantage of our digital minded strategic approach.

Innovative and up-to-date marketing – specifically Marketing 4.0 – is the integration of products and services, customers and customer benefits, as well as values, ethic attitudes and corporate culture. All this should be communicated together and at the same time, customized on a variety of channels and onto the context of an individual. This gives you an enormous advantage over your competitors, as you are directly in contact with the customer at a much earlier stage. This is our passion, one we would like to also inspire you.

Gain your customers’ trust more quickly, more effectively, and more efficient

We authentically reflect your company’s values, which are your DNA, in the media, marketing and digital worlds. We gain new customers for you with innovative, effective methods and design future-oriented customer relationships.
Our work includes public relations, content marketing, optimizing and marketing of search engines, website analysis and competitive analysis as well as many other communication ideas and tools at the contact points with your clients.

Your sales force will be more successful, your added valued will increase

What characterizes us is great empathy with your customer. We peer into your customer’s brain, look through their eyes at your business – and seeing things through your customer’s glasses, we tailor your communication strategy for success. The sooner you open dialogue with a customer, the more he’ll listen and the more effective your consultation will be. Faithful client relationships represent your company’s real value, moving your business forward and assuring its future.

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What We Offer

Dynamic Marketing 4.0, an interconnected communication of your products and services, customer benefits as well as your corporate values, ethic attitudes and corporate culture requires social and professional expertise, know-how, implements and tools for an analog and digital full-service range.

With Roessler ProResult means a convenient one-stop communication solution for you, a whole bundled package of media, marketing and digital skills from one single source.

Search engines

Your visibility on the web is a key factor in your success.

Press and Public Relations

We are passionate about continuously transmitting your company goals into interesting press releases for your targeted media readers and nurturing press contacts with finesse.


As certified Google AdWords experts, we optimize your digital campaigns in search advertising networks, display advertising, video advertising, Google Shopping and mobile advertising.

Content Strategy

The aim is to integrate processes for content production and distribution in your business life. As a part of your company’s digital transformation, a good content strategy leads to improved perception among your customers, greater motivation in your staff, and a stronger interest from future job candidates.


Clearly defined goals, and a plan with which to achieve these effectively and efficiently, lead to measurable and tangible results.

Definition of Goals

Clearly defined goals with measurable key performance indicators lead to tangible results and ensure focussed steps to follow.

E-Mail Marketing

The full benefit of your e-mail and newsletter marketing results only from the smooth integration of your individual content strategy’s processes and content.


There is much more to think about than just a good product when it comes to E-Commerce and real online business. Together we’ll develop an individual approach to reach more customer contacts, more conversions, more sales.

The Analytics

You can only control what you can measure. Analyzing relevance and resonance of your company’s as well as your competitor’s communication strategy in the media and social networks will offer new chances, new points of view and will distinguish the true market environment.

Content Marketing

The production and distribution of content, text, image, infographics, audio and video, relevant to your target groups will lead to noticeably greater feedback with your customers.

Reputation and Reviews

Dealing with reviews on the Internet requires sure instinct, intuiition and finesse. Companies proactively addressing this issue have the edge over their competition and enjoy a giant leap of faith and trust from new customers.

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Roessler ProResult

Roessler ProResult ensures measurable and, above all, tangible results in media, marketing and digital world. We help companies be better and easier discovered by customers. Just as the knight hops across a chessboard, so we ourselves leapfrog what we want to surpass – with well-thought-out solutions. Just not business as usual, instead, a winning strategy. Whether it’s a creative gambit for media relations or a virtual quantum leap in digital interaction – it’s always about results.

Edda Rössler

Edda Rössler, Agency founder and owner

Shortly after completing her studies in American literature and art history Edda Rössler discovered her mission for journalism and PR. Before establishing her own agency she had been working in international agency networks as well as enterprises as PR Manager and Senior Consultant. With relations with style and finesse to the media she stands for communication success for her clients.

Klaus Rössler, Consultant and Coach for Digital Business

His in-depth skills in strategic concepts and practical implementation opens up new options, opportunities and possibilities for clients. Klaus Rössler is a certified Google AdWords expert for all AdWords branches.

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ProResult – Driven by results

We help businesses be better and easier discovered by customers, providing measurable, and above all tangible, success in the media, marketing and digital worlds. These are some of our clients and partners. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information about our experience.


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